About Imbhizo Holdings (PTY) Ltd

Gravel Road Solutions

Imbhizo Holdings was founded in 2015 in response to the need for an economical, time-saving alternative to laying tar roads in rural areas.

It is a reality that the exorbitant cost of tar roads deprives many South Africans of day-to-day use of well-built, safe roads. Generally, it is the communities situated in rural areas which are the worst affected.

However, with a small capital expenditure and in minimal time, Imbhizo Holdings can transform any gravel road into a smooth, hard road surface, which generates little to no dust.

The gravel road solutions are extremely cost-effective, far quicker to lay than tar, environmentally friendly, and empower local communities to carry out the road maintenance and necessary repairs.



Imbhizo Holdings has recently extended its operations to include a fencing division.

In order to deliver first-rate, cost-efficient fencing and security-related solutions, Imbhizo Holdings relies on its fencing team’s collective 30 years’ experience in the industry. It is this exposure which ensures that products and materials are sourced from reputable suppliers at competitive rates.

Imbhizo Holdings can accordingly satisfy the demand for competitively-priced, high-quality solutions with the added benefit of being a black-owned fencing specialist with extensive experience.



The newest addition to Imbhizo Holdings is its logistics branch.

Imbhizo Holdings, supported by Topfurn Carriers (Pty) Ltd, renders trucking services throughout Southern Africa specializing in “high volume, low weight goods”.

The company also offers warehousing, consignment tracking, clearing and forwarding and cross-border services.

The trucking division is proud of its long-standing experience of 30 years in the logistics industry and relies on this to render top quality services every time.

ack-owned fencing specialist with extensive experience.