Imbhizo Holdings (Pty) Ltd Company Profile

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To ensure that Imbhizo Holdings (Pty) Ltd continues to implement its first-class construction solutions and render its expert trucking services across Southern Africa.

  • To continue to offer a superior, one-of-a-kind gravel road solution for cost-efficient transformation of government roads.
  • To promote Imbhizo Holdings’ high-quality fencing and security-related products for application in the public, private and commercial sectors.
  • To maintain the top standards associated with Imbhizo Holdings’ trucking division by continuing to rely on management’s experience in logistics which spans 30 years.

To continue to uplift local communities through skills transfer and job creation.


To be the choice service provider of construction and logistics services which:

  • improve the quality of gravel roads
  • enhance the safety of persons and property
  • provide a safer and highly professional transport solution
  • are the most cost-effective when compared with solutions offered by competitors
  • upgrade the quality of life for local communities across South Africa.

To expand Imbhizo Holdings’ national footprint throughout the public, private and commercial sectors.


Imbhizo Holdings is a black-owned company which offers first rate construction solutions and trucking services across Southern Africa.

Imbhizo Holdings was founded in response to the lack of an economical, time-efficient alternative to building and laying tar roads.

To increase its scope of services and in reaction to a shortage of black-owned, high-quality fencing suppliers, Imbhizo Holdings expanded its operations to include fencing solutions.

Shortly after incorporation, Imbhizo Holdings, supported by Topfurn Carriers (Pty) Ltd, expanded its operations once again by opening a logistics branch through which it renders trucking services throughout Southern Africa.

Gravel Road Solutions

To realize its objective of providing cost-effective gravel road solutions, Imbhizo Holdings joined forces with Mosmart Investments (Pty) Ltd, its technological partner. Mosmart Investments holds various patents in respect of products, and licensed product blends. Specific combinations of these products are used in stabilizing and transforming existing gravel roads

By filling this gap in the market, Imbhizo Holdings has opened up the possibility for those rural communities – deprived of the use of well-built, safe roads – to reap the benefits of implementation of the road gravel solution.

Collectively, the board and regional general managers of Imbhizo Holdings have extensive experience and qualifications across various industries. This includes construction, road building, accounting and traditional affairs. It is these skill-sets which enable Imbhizo Holdings to offer superior gravel road solutions.


Imbhizo Holdings expanded its operations to include a fencing division.

The fencing and security-related solutions are marketed, sold, installed and maintained by a dedicated team with over 30 years’ experience in the industry. To uphold its strict quality standards, and continue to offer cost-efficient solutions, Imbhizo Holdings relies solely on reasonably-priced, reputable suppliers.

Imbhizo Holdings is proud to be one of the few black-owned fencing solution providers in South Africa.

Trucking Solutions

The newest addition to Imbhizo Holdings is its logistics branch.

Imbhizo Holdings, supported by Topfurn Carriers (Pty) Ltd, renders trucking services throughout Southern Africa specializing in “high volume, low weight goods”.

The company also offers warehousing, consignment tracking, clearing and forwarding and cross-border services.

The trucking division is proud of its long-standing experience of 30 years in the logistics industry and relies on this to render top quality services every time.


Company Registration No. 2015/398073/07

B-BBEE Level 2


Imbhizo Holdings can implement its gravel road and fencing solutions in any part of South Africa. Its offices and agents’ offices are located in all the major metropolitan areas.

The company’s trucking branch is run out of Industria, Johannesburg and renders services throughout Southern Africa.

Head Office

Physical Address:        2nd Floor, 1B Stewart Drive


East London, 5241

Tel:                              043 721 0888

Fax:                              086 510 3316




Gravel Road Solutions

Imbhizo Holdings offers the most cost-effective and time-efficient gravel road solution for roads located across rural South Africa.

By utilizing Mosmart Investments’ patented product, Marine 3, and its licensed (and non-licensed) blends of product, Imbhizo Holdings is able to transform any gravel road into a safe, smooth, dust-free and durable surface, regardless of the type of local aggregate.

The process of transforming the road is extremely fast, thereby outstripping Imbhizo Holdings’ competitors which offer similar, but time-consuming solutions.

The solution also out-performs Imbhizo Holdings’ competitors from a cost perspective, which is made possible through both the structuring of the solution as well as Imbhizo Holdings’ reliance on Mosmart Investments’ unique products.

Worked into the solution is the maintenance of the transformed road. The maintenance is carried out by a local SMME, which is trained, and thereafter supplied with all the necessary equipment, by Imbhizo Holdings. The SMME receives remuneration for performing the maintenance.

It is evident that this unique gravel road solution can revolutionize road quality and quality of life; and at the same time, cut costs and greatly accelerate road transformation.


The Imbhizo Holdings fencing division has the capacity and expertise to meet any fencing and security-related requirement presented to it.

Imbhizo Holdings sources the products and materials necessary to meet the site requirements, and thereafter installs the solution. Where required, Imbhizo Holdings monitors and maintains the solution for and on behalf of the client.

To date, Imbhizo Holdings has quoted on and implemented various solutions which include High Security Mesh Fencing Installation, Welded Mesh Fencing Installation, Stock Fencing Installation, Razor Mesh Fencing Installation, Risk Analysis & Risk Management, Barbed Wire Fencing Installation, Piggyback Electric Fencing Installation, Panel System Fencing Installation, Diamond Mesh Fencing Installation, Field Fencing Installation, Game Fencing Installation, Electrified Palisade Fencing Installation, Posts, Droppers, Standards and Palisade Installation, Wire Netting Installation, Fence Tamper Detection, Material-Only Deliveries: Technical & Fencing, Biometric Readers: Access Control & Time and Attendance, EVIM and Facial Recognition, CCTV Installation and CCTV Monitoring.


The objective of Imbhizo Holdings’ logistics branch is to deliver freight in a safe, timely and pristine manner, assist customers to manage their space requirements, and maximize their cash-flow.

Imbhizo Holdings, supported by Topfurn Carriers (Pty) Ltd, provides logistics services throughout Southern Africa. The company specializes in the transport of “high volume, low weight goods”. Its services are not limited to trucking, and include warehousing, consignment tracking, clearing and forwarding and cross-border services.

The company makes customers’ needs and safety its primary concerns. This is seen by its stringent vehicle safety checks and vetting of staff, reliance on start-of-the-art monitoring and tracking technology and superior quality vehicles. To this end, the company boasts five Mercedez-Benz Axor horses and five super link hardbody trailers with a 150 cubic metre capacity.

The trucking division is proud of its long-standing experience of 30 years in the logistics industry and relies on this to render top quality services every time.


Imbhizo Holdings is a proudly South African, black-owned entity. It is the proud holder of a level 2 B-BBEE certificate.

From a compliance perspective, Imbhizo Holdings observes and endeavours to abide by the Codes of Good Practice, issued in terms of the Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment Act, 53 of 2003.

Otherwise, where possible, Imbhizo Holdings focuses on BEE with particular regard to BEE procurement, skills development and social responsibility.