All roads need maintenance.

Our process allows for semi/or unskilled labour to maintain the roads with little capital cost and training.

In order to maintain the quality of the road:

  • Imbhizo Holdings finances and appoints a local SMME, and transfers the necessary skills.
  • The SMME is given a monthly remuneration, based on the number of kilometres under its control.
  • The Imbhizo Holdings model envisages that each SMME will maintain 100 kilometres of transformed road.
  • The SMME must inspect the road on a weekly basis; and apply product to the road every month to three months, depending on local conditions.
  • Any damaged portions of road must be restored to the original standard of the transformed road. This is achieved by utilising basic tools, such as picks and shovels; mixing the relevant product with the local aggregate; and patching the road with the product-aggregate mix.