Unlike the construction of tar roads, and other road stabilising techniques, ripping up of the existing gravel road is generally not necessary.

In addition, it is not necessary to close the whole road during the transformation thereof.

A road grader grades the gravel road.

Thereafter, a modified truck – equipped with a product holding tank, spray bar and all the equipment for road maintenance – sprays the customised product on to the road’s surface with the assistance of a pothole repair team.

A motorised road broom is then used to sweep the new road surface.

Imbhizo Holdings is able to stabilise up to four kilometres of road per week, per team. The number of teams to be used is determined by the time pressures involved in completing the road, as well as the length of the road. This means that with five teams, Imbhizo Holdings can stabilise 20 kilometres of road in a week.

Tar road construction pales in comparison, where it takes an average of six months to rehabilitate a five kilometre stretch of gravel road.

The result is a durable, hard, smooth and skid-resistant surface.