Solid, integrated road surface technology


An all-in-one service, engineered to transform existing gravel roads – characterised by uneven, loose gravel and soil, and dust – into stable, smooth and hard roads, with minimal dust.

Suitable for gravel roads located in all rural areas of South Africa.


Imbhizo Holdings’ technological partner, Mosmart Investments (Pty) Ltd, supplies Imbhizo Holdings with various combinations of product.

All product combinations are superior to those relied on by Imbhizo Holdings’ competitors, due to Mosmart Investments’ patented Marine 3 addition, which enables polymers to penetrate the existing gravel road up to a depth of 150 millimetres, thereby creating a solid, integrated road surface.

The environmentally-friendly product combinations are comprised of Mosmart Investments patented products; as well as licensed, and other, blends of product.

The particular product combination for each road is dependent on the type of local aggregate utilised.


The products include:

M3T 3001/or Aqua Mist is used in misting systems to control airborne dust. Further, the product is able to capture microscopic dust particles – invisible to the naked eye.

M3T 3005 promotes better wetting and penetration into gravel roads, by wetting, emulsifying and de-agglomerating substances that do not easily blend or break down in water in the normal course of events.

WRD P is a concentrated polymer developed specifically for gravel roads. Although blends of this polymer will always include M3T 3005, blends are specifically formulated to suit the various needs of each gravel road – depending on inter alia the type of local aggregate.


Unlike the construction of tar roads, and other road stabilising techniques, ripping up of the existing gravel road is generally not necessary.

In addition, it is not necessary to close the whole road during the transformation thereof.

A road grader grades the gravel road.

Thereafter, a modified truck, equipped with a product holding tank; spray bar; all equipment for road maintenance; and a pothole repair team, sprays the customised product on to the road’s surface.

A motorised road broom is then used to sweep the new road surface.

Imbhizo Holdings is able to stabilise up to four kilometres of road per week, per team. The number of teams to be used is determined by the time pressures involved in completing the road; as well as the length of the road. This means that with five teams, Imbhizo Holdings can stabilise 20 kilometres of road in a week.

Tar road construction pales in comparison, where it takes an average of six months to rehabilitate a five kilometre stretch of gravel road.

The result is a durable, hard, smooth and skid-resistant surface.


All roads need maintenance.

Our process allows for semi/or unskilled labour to maintain the roads with little capital cost and training.

In order to maintain the quality of the road:

Imbhizo Holdings finances and appoints a local SMME, and transfers the necessary skills.

The SMME is given a monthly remuneration, based on the number of kilometres under its control.

The Imbhizo Holdings model envisages that each SMME will maintain 100 kilometres of transformed road.

The SMME must inspect the road on a weekly basis; and apply product to the road every month to three months, depending on local conditions.

Any damaged portions of road must be restored to the original standard of the transformed road. This is achieved through the use of basic tools – such as picks and shovels; mixing the relevant product with the local aggregate; and patching the road with the product-aggregate mix.


An extremely cost-efficient gravel road solution.

Far quicker to lay than tar.

No ripping up of the existing gravel road required.

Smooth and hard road surfaces.

Skid-resistant roads.

Much safer roads.

Greatly reduced dust presence.

Decreased dust inhalation – combatting this health hazard.

Environmentally-friendly road surface.

Easy to control and maintain quality of roads.

Exclusive control and maintenance of roads by local communities.

Community upliftment through skills transfer.

Job creation for local communities.

Improved quality of life for local communities.

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